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Welcome to Calvary Assembly of God, Wilson Wisconsin

Thank you for visiting our church's web site.  We hope that this site will help

strengthen your relationship with God the Father, allow you to follow the

leadership of the Holy Spirit and to become more Christ like as your Christian

faith grows.


We are a Bible believing, Spirit lead congregation that enjoys fellowship,

worship and learning the Word of God.  We would enjoy your company if you

are in our area (directions).  If you have any questions, please feel

free to call the church phone and leave a message if we are not able to talk

with you. 


In Christ,

Calvary Assembly of God

2988 60th Avenue

Wilson, Wisconsin





Coming soon!!
 Kids Clubs!  Starting Wednesday, September 14th at
6:30 PM
We have a Rainbows Noah's Ark Club for children ages
Noah’s Ark provides an exciting theme for the Bible
stories, crafts, full-color activity pages, and games for this
preschool club.
High Point Club for children ages 6-12
HighPoint is character-building discipleship at its
best—with Christ at the center. Kids travel to heart-
changing destinations and build small group relationships
that help them become the strong disciples God created
THEM to be!
Youth Group for 13+

The youth are led by Pastor Josh, and study teen-relevant
topics.  They also have some fun events, like bon-fires
and volleyball, Tim Hawkins concerts, etc.























See upcoming events for more information.







Falsehoods about the Bible

Read Psalm 116:1 through 118:29

Published: May 29, 2017

The web page read: “Shortest chapter in the Bible— Psalm 117. Longest chapter in the Bible—Psalm 119. Center chapter of the Bible—Psalm 118. Center verse in the Bible—Psalm 118:8.” The post then suggested that if someone wanted to find God’s perfect will for their life, point them to the center verse of God’s Word.

The Internet post is not accurate. The center of the Bible varies depending on the translation, but it is not Psalm 118, regardless of the translation, and verse eight is not the center verse of the Bible. Also, verse eight is a statement of truth, not God’s will for someone’s life.

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans (Psalm 118:8).

A glut of “information” about the Bible is available throughout different forms of media and personal opinions. It is imperative to determine what is actually true. Jesus said He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6), therefore claims need to be verified by the Bible itself.

Challenge for Today: Search the Scriptures to discover what is actually true by comparing claims to the original source.

Quicklook: Psalm 118:5–9 News & Information